"Don't Tell Me How To Shake It"

The Artist

She's Back!

Like the proverbial Phoenix, Fabienne Shine rises to show the world she is back and still knows how to "SHAKE IT"!

Don't Tell Me How To Shake It

10 great new tracks!

Fabienne Shine on lead vocals, accompanied by reknowned musicians & vocalists :Freddie Katz (NY Producer, Composer & Guitarist) Tish & Snooky Bellomo, JP "Thunderbolt" Patterson, Patti Rothberg, Scotty Lund, Aurelien Ouzoulias, Joe Bouchard, Ross Friedman, Norbert Krief, Mike Winter, Julie Rhaume, Amandine Prada, Albert Bouchard, Mar Todani, Laurent Tardy, Dave Felice, Jamie Candiloro (LA Producer)


I appreciate, that in spite of so many heartaches & obstacles during the recording of these songs, love has been the driving force.  

I dedicate this album to my son, Benjamin Dayne, who played heartbeat from up there in the sky.

A sneak peek!

Turn it up - here's a teaser!


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